My tears

I’ve been thinking about emotions lately, mainly the emotion of crying.  When and why do we cry?  What is the purpose?  Why do some people cry and it appears that others do not cry, ever!  I’m sure that there are scientific answers to the questions, but I’m really not interested in finding out what science has to say about my tears.

My tears surprise me.  They come when I least expect them, and they don’t come when I expect them too, and for that matter, when everyone else expects them too!  And the expectation of tears is yet another interesting aspect of tears.  Tears are often expected and/or anticipated by people around us, and yet when we witness someone crying, when we actually see the tears fall down the face, it makes us feel uncomfortable.  Why? Why do we squirm and look away, and not want them to see that we noticed the tears?

There have been several major events in my life when I fully anticipated to shed some tears, and did not.  I must admit, it left me a bit puzzled and wondering about my true feelings about the event. Perhaps it could be because the events were of a positive nature – weddings, graduations, births.  Shouldn’t I be crying?  Isn’t that what is expected of me?

So it would seem to me that tears are an expression of a feeling.  I would like to think that even though I didn’t have tears, I did have feelings about the event.   And I do! The feelings are just portrayed in a different manner, another expression.   A GREAT BIG SMILE!!

I don’t know.  I guess I might be the kind of person who saves my tears for the sad moments. I know that they will come then.  I’ve had enough of those experiences to account for that. Or, maybe I will be surprised yet again.