Train ride

I got up before the sun today but I didn’t mind.  I was going on an adventure! A trip that would take me to the awe and wonder of my daughter holding her newborn son in her arms.  Just writing the words, my daughter and newborn son in the same sentence still bring me pause.

It seems like only a few years a go, I was holding her in my arms with the same sense of wonderment that she is experiencing today. Where did the time go? A common refrain that can be heard in conversations with parents all over the world.  The time goes by so quickly!  Make every moment count.  Before you know it, they are having kids of their own.  The statements are true, but the concept is so difficult to grasp when you are caught up in the diapers, the dishes, the laundry, the homework, the cleaning, and the list goes on and on.

When you are on the other side of the fast paced lifestyle of having children in your home, the questions begin.  Was there enough time for me to teach her everything she needs to know to raise her own child? Did I make enough time for her? Could I have done more?

Some of these answers can only be judged by time – that one thing that eludes us all, and goes by so quickly!  It seems a bit ironic that the same element that forces us into making everyday decisions, is also the same one that will be our judge in years to come.


picture perfect

Bird's Eye View

La Jolla Cove

One of my favorite places to hang out in San Diego.

So this is Monday

The beginning of another week. What will be done this week? What will happen, what will be accomplished. It appears that the possibilities are endless. And they probably are, to the extent of where I am willing to go, and what I am willing to do.
I am on a journey of discovery. I am looking forward to what I will find this week. Can accomplishments be met without goals?

My goal for this week: connect with a friend, and set a coffee date.

And I’m off and running!

Through a child’s eyes

I gave our grandson and granddaughter a small kalidescope today.

Their first look through the small hole was met with an “Ahh” and “wonder” that is rarely seen in a busy grown-up world. The colors, the light, the designs!! All unique and “one-of-a-kind”.

Just like the amazing little hands that were holding it!

Small gifts

A newborn babies hand.

Not really a small gift, more like a small wonder!! Every part that is necessary for that hand to carry that child through until 101 years old, is there! Complete! No missing pieces! Every line, every dimple, every finger nail, every joint. All there!

And it doesn’t just stop with the hand. A newborn comes into this world weighing only a few pounds, but each little ounce of that body creates a complete and final product. All that needs to be added now, love. Lots of love. And hugs and snuggles and cuddles and nice warm milk.

It’s amazing to observe and realize, we ALL were at this point. This is where we all started.

A small gift has become a very special gift.