only happy people play instruments

She really wanted to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  She pleaded with all her might.  Her little lip began to tremble and the tears welled up in her eyes.  It just wasn’t going to work out this time, and her heart was broken.  In an attempt to make her feel better, her Grandpa played one of her favorite songs.  This is a song that makes her happy, and she usually pretends to play an instrument along with the music. The song begins to play, and her Grandpa is encouraging her to “play” along with the music!

And then a very quiet, little voice said: “Grandpa, only happy people play instruments, and I’m not happy, so I won’t be able to play an instrument .”

Fortunately for her Grandpa, the sadness was reluctantly turned to joy with the aid of a sucker.  She said it helped to make her a “little more happy.”   I think the BIG, long hug she received from her Grandpa was probably what really wiped away the tears!