What I gave today


I gave the gift of time. and according to her, I included patience and love with it! (A bonus that I wasn’t aware of at the moment, she told me later) I took my mom to the Dr, a trip she has been dreading but the news was good. She asked if I could take her to get her hair cut after the dr. appointment – I thought it wasn’t going to work, the timing was off, but in the end, it was perfect! And she feels better with her new hair cut, and so do I.

While i had limited time budget for her due to scheduling issues, on the other side of that visit, I had extra time. Time I found to treat myself to a pedicure, and I was able to give a tip to the lady who was so patient with me while I was trying to decide what color I wanted! So many choices…not enough toes!

And one of my favorite things as a grandma, to buy clothes for my grandkids. They are so much easier to shop for than myself! So, I got Rick a few really cute clothes! Can’t wait to see that little guy again!



3 things blue

his beautiful blue eyes….looking at me.

the brilliant blue sky….seen almost every day.

my favorite color….and my grandson’s favorite color too.