And then there’s golf

We watched a lot of golf over the weekend. It was the 2012 US Open, and it was great! The leader board was constantly changing, there were players from all levels of golf participating since this was an open tournament – including a 14 yr old amateur!

The highest ranking players faded away while a tenacious, young man by the name of Webb Simpson, quietly made his way to the top! He and his wife had to wait and watch in disbelief and anticipation while the final two players fall apart on the last few holes. Either one of the two players could have taken the outright lead, or tied with Webb to force an 18 hole playoff.

Final result of the last putt? The leaders fell down and Webb Simpson won his first US Open. Interestingly enough, throughout the whole tournament, Webb had never held the first place position until the final stroke of the game.

He was not the person that anyone predicted, but absolutely worthy of the reward, and I was happy to see a new name and face hold up the trophy in the end!