Happy Birthday Linda!

Happy, Heavenly Birthday to my big sister!

I can only imagine how much she is enjoying her day!  Her love for life was contagious, and her love for people, knew no bounds, especially, her love for her family.  I know, without a doubt, that she would have done anything for me as long as it wasn’t illegal or immoral!

I miss her smile, her laugh and her hugs.  It was because of her enthusiasm for the little things in life, that I am reminded of her often.

This is just a short list of memories of an amazing lady, sister and friend!

  • Temecula – our meeting place when the kids were small
  • Dolphins – we watched them play in the ocean, she was amazed
  • Artichokes – she found this strange thing to be fascinating, and insisted we try it
  • Christmas – I think it was her favorite time of the year.  She loved making it special for others, not just herself
  • Angels – every Christmas, she would make an ornament for me, it was always an angel
  • Thanksgiving – she taught me how to make gravy
  • “Nurse Jones” – together, we pulled my brother out of the dark side of the ICU room when he had a heart attack
  • Sail boats – camping by the ocean, her favorite place to relax
  • Chicken Apple Sausage – she introduced me to this – still one of my favorites

In memory of your special day.  In honor of you.

I love you Linda!


Weekly photo challenge: solitary

A white sand beach in Guam.

The perfect place to relax, and let world pass me by.

A smell to remember

There are certain smells that take me back to a place, or a person in an instant!

For example, the smell of WD-40 takes me back to the memory of my Dad, and his strong hands. He would use this unique product when he was working on our family cars. My Dad would also use it to clean his hands from the grease and the grime of the engines. The smell of the WD-40 would linger long after his hands were cleaned, and the association of the WD-40 to my Dad began at a very early age.

WD40 picture

It has been a very long time since I have smelled my Dad’s hands. I can’t even really remember the sound of his voice anymore, but, if I happen to get a whiff of WD-40, I am instantly transported to another place and time, and once again, I’m reminded of his hands. And then I am reminded of my Dad.

My Dad’s hands. The hands that would hold me on his lap, and gently cover my ears when the pain from the ear ache was too great for me to bear.

The hand he would offer, for me to squeeze as hard as I could, in an effort to distract me from the impending pain of a needle.

The hand that covered mine, as he would guide me through the steps of casting the line of a fishing pole, or shifting the gears on the car while he was driving.

This is the hand, that I was sure would hold mine through every important event in my life.

I have long since tried to understand, why it would be, that my Dad would die when he was only 40 years old. The questions have all been asked.  This side of Heaven, there simply are no good answers that will satisfy my heart.  But over the years, I have grown to accept it for what it is. A fact that can not be changed.

I can no longer hear his voice, or hold his hand, but I can hold on to a memory.  A memory that can be sparked by something as unique as the smell of WD-40!

And yes, I admit, I still have days, when it sure would be nice to be able to squeeze my Dad’s hand, as hard as I possibly can.

Time for tea

Grandma, do you want to come to my tea party?  It’s a question that I simply can’t resist.  She gets it all set up, while I watch and enjoy.


First step, the tablecloth, and then the lace doilies. Next, she sets out the teacup, saucers, sugar dish, creamer, and teapot.

And then the friends. Don’t forget to invite your favorite bear, kitty, and frog!  A place is set perfectly for everyone.  Throw in some toy box “decorations” and there you have it.

The perfect afternoon tea.

On her menu for today…lemon tea, with lemon tea pie!

Oh! It’s delicious!  She smiles, nods her head yes, and politely asks if I would like some more.

Yes, please!

Because in reality, I am having a cup of sunshine with a little slice of heaven!

tea party friends

When I am weary

…or when I am grumpy.

I know I have this option available to me, but I wonder why I don’t take advantage of it more than I do.


I often complain of being tired, so why do I continue to act like a four-year old, and insist that I can do it “all by myself”!  Why can’t I just let the bigger, stronger One take care of me as promised?

It’s one of the hard lessons of life.  I know I can’t do everything all by myself.

And I also know this.  When I ask for help, I also get rest.  Rest for the weary.

Sharing my smile

[ smīl ]
  1. make pleasant expression with mouth: to raise the corners of the mouth in an expression of amusement, pleasure, or approval

Sometimes, I don’t always pay enough attention to which direction the corners of my mouth are turning.  I spend a lot of time thinking, and get “lost” in my mind, making it easy to forget about the world around me, and the expression on my face.

However,  I have been trying to be a little more aware of my surroundings, and my face.  When my eyes connect with the eyes of others, I have tried to make a concentrated effort to smile at them.  Not a weird smile that would make them wonder what I was doing, just a casual, “have a nice day” kind of smile.

By sharing my smile with others, I have found…

1. most of the time, I get a smile in return

2. it makes me feel better about myself

3. I’m giving away a gift

4. I believe it’s better to give than receive

5. I think it just might make other people feel better too

6. it improves your health by reducing stress

7. it takes less “work” to smile than to frown

8. we were all born with the ability to smile. It’s not something that we copy or imitate, because even a blind person can smile!

Sharing a smile.  A simple act with profound results.

I know it has the ability to change my perspective on life, and it certainly improves the look on my face!

 Everyone smiles in the same language.  ~Author Unknown

My identity

This is something that I continually need to work on. It is so easy to compare myself to others, and when I do, nothing happens!

I am frozen with fear.


If I can change my mind in “accordance to my identity, my behavior will ultimately change.”


Through Grandma eye’s

I see things differently now.  I suppose part of the reason could be because my eyes are getting older, and part of the reason is because….well, I’m a Grandma!

When I look through my “Grandma eyes”, I see a whole new world!  I see a smaller world, a scarier world, a bigger world, and a very detailed world.

I see things at a different level, and at a different pace. Sometimes it’s too slow, and sometimes it’s just too fast.  The little legs that can’t keep up, and the little legs that won’t keep up!  I can see now why it really is hard to grow up!

Andrew and Ashlee

I feel love that knows no boundaries, and I hear about dreams that have no limits!  Contentment is often found in the little things, and unbridled hugs and kisses are forever sealed on my heart.

Yes.  My eyes have been opened wide because of these little lives, and I no longer see life with “old eyes”, I now see life through “Grandma eyes“.

Game on!

San Diego Petco Park

Petco Park – San Diego CA

Looking forward to hanging out here tonight with my best friend!  One of my all time favorites – baseball!

My love for the game started a long time ago.  Thirteen years old and eager to spend time with my Dad, I begin watching the game with him.  He was a life long Dodgers fan, and I fell in love with Rollie Fingers handle bar mustache.   My dad passed away a few months after he introduced me to the game,  but my love for the game did not.  I also learned that there was a lot more to baseball than handle bar mustaches!

Soon after moving to San Diego, I caught the Padre “fever”, and I have been a loyal fan since 1983.  I introduced the game to my husband, son and daughter, and we have many great memories of baseball time together.

I’ve enjoyed the pennant races, the World Series, the records set and broken by many of the Padre players, but I’m still waiting for a Padre World Series WIN!

until then………..

Go Padres!