Through Grandma eye’s

I see things differently now.  I suppose part of the reason could be because my eyes are getting older, and part of the reason is because….well, I’m a Grandma!

When I look through my “Grandma eyes”, I see a whole new world!  I see a smaller world, a scarier world, a bigger world, and a very detailed world.

I see things at a different level, and at a different pace. Sometimes it’s too slow, and sometimes it’s just too fast.  The little legs that can’t keep up, and the little legs that won’t keep up!  I can see now why it really is hard to grow up!

Andrew and Ashlee

I feel love that knows no boundaries, and I hear about dreams that have no limits!  Contentment is often found in the little things, and unbridled hugs and kisses are forever sealed on my heart.

Yes.  My eyes have been opened wide because of these little lives, and I no longer see life with “old eyes”, I now see life through “Grandma eyes“.