Time for tea

Grandma, do you want to come to my tea party?  It’s a question that I simply can’t resist.  She gets it all set up, while I watch and enjoy.


First step, the tablecloth, and then the lace doilies. Next, she sets out the teacup, saucers, sugar dish, creamer, and teapot.

And then the friends. Don’t forget to invite your favorite bear, kitty, and frog!  A place is set perfectly for everyone.  Throw in some toy box “decorations” and there you have it.

The perfect afternoon tea.

On her menu for today…lemon tea, with lemon tea pie!

Oh! It’s delicious!  She smiles, nods her head yes, and politely asks if I would like some more.

Yes, please!

Because in reality, I am having a cup of sunshine with a little slice of heaven!

tea party friends