Growing a salad

I decided to try to plant some lettuce in my garden!  Why not?  We have been eating salad a lot lately, so I thought it would be pretty cool to actually grow a salad in my garden.  As it turns out, it appears to be working!

The lettuce is actually growing!  I have been visiting it daily to see how it’s doing, and much to my surprise, it’s a success. I’m quite happy with this little adventure.

Right now, the plants are a little small, but hopefully in a few more days there will be enough to harvest a little salad for me and my husband to share.

It’s a little surreal to me to grow things that I can actually eat!  I guess I’m just a city girl through and through.  I lived in farm country as a child, and food from the farm was more common than food from the grocery store, but that was a long time a go, and Trader Joe’s has since become my “farm” of choice these days.

If this works out as well as I hope it will, I just might be spending a little less money at Trader Joe’s!


Jury duty

A few weeks a go I received that envelope in the mail. I have jury duty today. My right and duty as a citizen of the United States and a resident of the great state of California!


It’s an interesting process, and apparently a pretty efficient system. The paperwork is taken care of rather quickly, the details are explained, and nothing appears to be overlooked. Right down to the little wood pencil that is given to every one who walks in the door.

However, it does seem a little strange to gather a few hundred people into one room, and ask them to wait for hours, while the lawyers and the judges get their paperwork together.

This room is quiet, like a library quiet! Another thing that I find intriguing. There is really no reason for people to be this quiet, no one is telling them that they can’t talk to each other. At least I can’t see any signs that say not to talk. That’s ok, it appears to be giving people the opportunity to catch up on some reading, and maybe even some sleep!

I think it would be interesting to be on a jury panel. Experience the justice system on the right side of the court room. Find out if it is anything at all like I see on TV.

But here I sit, with the rest of the compliant people, and wait for my name to be called. If my name is called, I go to the next level of this process. If not, I’ve done my duty for the year, and I will be dismissed.

World Series trivia

Attendance for the first game of the 2012 World Series was 55,307!

Things were a little different back in 1903!

it’s hard to believe

I can’t believe it!

The San Francisco Giants are in the World Series for a second year in a row!

The first game of the series was last night, and the Tiger’s, the team that swept the Yankees in the play-offs to get to the World Series, appeared to not even show up for the game!

Come on!  It’s the World Series!  I don’t really care which team wins, because neither one of them is my team, but I would like to see a good series!  (And next year, I want to see my team in the World Series!)

Until then, I have to admit, the Giants played a great game, and congratulations go to the history maker, Pablo Sandoval!

Last night he joined three other players in baseball history to  hit THREE home runs in his first three at-bats in a World Series game!


once in a lifetime

It probably was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  The opportunity to go to the island of Guam.

Rarely, if ever, do you see Guam listed in one of the top ten destination places for a vacation, however, it might just be life as it was meant to be.

Palm trees swaying in the breeze, white sand beaches and crystal clear water.

beach in Guam

It was an opportunity that I really enjoyed! I explored and took in the solitude and beauty of nature.  I relaxed, observed, and walked a lot. Oh, and apparently Guam is a great place to get married!   I witnessed a wedding on the beach almost every day that I was there!

But for now…it’s only in my mind!  In my mind, and in my memory.

"the beach" - Guam

If you are looking for a quiet place to relax, I would recommend going to Guam.  It’s beautiful, and there isn’t a lot to do but just sit back, and relax by the beach.

If you do happen to have the opportunity to go to Guam, check out “The Beach” while you are there!   I hear it gets a little rowdy at night, but during the day, this is island time at it’s best!  The perfect place for a nice cool drink with an amazing view!

A life changing moment

My heart, my thoughts and my prayers, are with my daughter-in-law and her family this week.  Her only brother passed away after a long. hard fight with the vicious disease of cancer.  He was 17 years old.

I have felt the gut-wrenching pain of death.  I have had my loved ones ripped from my life, and I have had them slip slowly and silently away.  I know of grief, and yet I can’t take hers from her, and make this walk just a little easier for her.

The sympathy cards.  Oh how I hated getting them, simply because of the reason for the card.  I didn’t want to be “that person” in need of sympathy.  I welcomed the comfort, but it was the sympathy that I didn’t want to be a part of.  I didn’t want to keep being reminded over and over again of the pain.

I just wanted the pain to stop, and I wanted my loved one back again.

I know that my daughter-in-law wants this more than anything else in life right now.  She wants the pain to stop, and she just wants to hug him, and see his smile again.  She wants him alive, and healthy, and back in her life again.

The tears are so tiring, the pain grows weary, and some days the burden of the loss is just too great. Will I ever feel normal again?

The answer is, no.  Never again.  This is a life changing moment.  She will never look at life through the same lenses, she will continually be aware of  his absence, and there will be days when she just won’t want to go on.

I know this is true, but I also know that my God will be her only Source of strength and comfort.  I am praying she finds this peace and comfort.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. ”   John 14:27

Weekly photo challenge: silhouette


Big, billowy white clouds, and the silhouette of the trees in my backyard.

Fantastic Friday – 1000 views!

I did it! I have over 1000 views on my blog site!

In fact, as of right this very moment, I have 1,015 views all-time!

I know that the more experienced bloggers out there are probably smiling at me, and think this is no big deal, but to me, it’s huge!

In this great big world, I am but one small voice!  “On October 13, 2012, there were around 77 million Tumblr and 56.6 million WordPress blogs in existence worldwide.”

Now those are some impressive numbers!

It’s just a number, and I must admit, watching the stats page has become a bit addictive, but I hope that it really means more than just a number.

I hope that I have been able to bring a smile to someone along the way.  I hope that in some small way, my little world will be able to connect with yours.

Next goal? 2000 views!

Have a Fantastic Friday!

My passion in life

I started on this journey a little over a year a go. Searching for healing. Trying to find “my passion in life”.

It has been a very difficult journey, much harder then I anticipated. I knew there would be change, something I am not always comfortable with, but it was more than a change in a schedule, it was a life change. In a day, I went from a fast paced, ever-changing environment, to just me and my little house.

I felt lost, and was quite frustrated that I felt this way! I expected more of myself. It was extremely disappointing when I didn’t meet my own expectations. I had freedom now.  I didn’t have to punch a time clock!  I could do whatever I wanted! The problem was, I didn’t know what I wanted.

The question that kept haunting me was this, “what is my passion in life“.  I would tell myself, (sometimes yell at myself) I don’t know what my passion is! Why don’t I know this? Doesn’t everyone know what their passion for life is?  What’s wrong with me?  

I resisted it at first.  I thought I knew what the answer might be, but it appeared to be a little too simplistic, maybe even a little too obvious.  I guess I thought that my passion in life would have to be something “out there”, should be something “grand”.

And then I realized, it is all of that and so much more.  It has the potential of touching many lives, and it is extremely rewarding and fun!

My passion in life…is my family.

I love them and I am committed to them. My goal is to love unconditionally, to support and help them in their life journey. I want to encourage them, and share life moments with them.  They are amazing individuals, each with their own unique impact on this world, and in my life.

My home, my heart, and my arms are always open.  They are my passion in life.