Bittersweet journey

I’m flying north, on my way to meet my great-niece for the very first time. She’s six months old, her mama, my sisters’ eldest.

I am going to meet the granddaughter that my sister has never met, nor will she ever meet her here on earth. She will never be able to hold her in her arms, look into her eyes, and hear the words that every Grandma loves to hear…”I love you, Grandma“.

I know it is only my “human-ness” that makes me think that she is missing this. She is in heaven, she really isn’t missing anything!

But I am missing her.

I am missing the joy, the love, and the excitement she would have for this little one. I’m missing the stories we would share, the burdens we would carry, and the blessing of being Grandmas together.

She loved her girls. I can still hear her voice when she called to tell me the news of their birth. I can only imagine the excitement she would have had with the news of a granddaughter.

Giddy with delight, proud beyond words.

So I take this journey knowing that it will bring moments of absolute delight, as well as moments of reflection. Reflection of an amazing lady, and the legacy she left behind.