Jury duty

A few weeks a go I received that envelope in the mail. I have jury duty today. My right and duty as a citizen of the United States and a resident of the great state of California!


It’s an interesting process, and apparently a pretty efficient system. The paperwork is taken care of rather quickly, the details are explained, and nothing appears to be overlooked. Right down to the little wood pencil that is given to every one who walks in the door.

However, it does seem a little strange to gather a few hundred people into one room, and ask them to wait for hours, while the lawyers and the judges get their paperwork together.

This room is quiet, like a library quiet! Another thing that I find intriguing. There is really no reason for people to be this quiet, no one is telling them that they can’t talk to each other. At least I can’t see any signs that say not to talk. That’s ok, it appears to be giving people the opportunity to catch up on some reading, and maybe even some sleep!

I think it would be interesting to be on a jury panel. Experience the justice system on the right side of the court room. Find out if it is anything at all like I see on TV.

But here I sit, with the rest of the compliant people, and wait for my name to be called. If my name is called, I go to the next level of this process. If not, I’ve done my duty for the year, and I will be dismissed.