Growing a salad

I decided to try to plant some lettuce in my garden!  Why not?  We have been eating salad a lot lately, so I thought it would be pretty cool to actually grow a salad in my garden.  As it turns out, it appears to be working!

The lettuce is actually growing!  I have been visiting it daily to see how it’s doing, and much to my surprise, it’s a success. I’m quite happy with this little adventure.

Right now, the plants are a little small, but hopefully in a few more days there will be enough to harvest a little salad for me and my husband to share.

It’s a little surreal to me to grow things that I can actually eat!  I guess I’m just a city girl through and through.  I lived in farm country as a child, and food from the farm was more common than food from the grocery store, but that was a long time a go, and Trader Joe’s has since become my “farm” of choice these days.

If this works out as well as I hope it will, I just might be spending a little less money at Trader Joe’s!


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  1. proudlyyourmom says:

    I love reading your blog – you make me smile. I love you – Mom

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