Weekly Writing Challenge: A Splash of Color

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It’s just a splash. Doesn’t take up much real estate, but it’s a color we can’t wait to see.  The color of our eyes.  Brown, blue, green, gray, and every shade and variation of those colors. A color that is an inherited trait, determined by up to as many as 16 different genes! It’s something […]


Weekly photo challenge: Big

I’m standing on the ground, looking up through some of the tallest trees I have ever seen in my life!

These trees are BIG! This view was breathtaking!

My heart grows fonder

I am hopelessly in love with this guy!

It has been said that “absence makes the heart grow fonder“.

I’m not sure how or why that works, but I do know that I would rather be with him, than away from him! Every time we are apart, even if just for a few hours, seeing him again makes my heart grow deeper in love with him, and I smile.

He makes me smile, he makes me think, and his love for me knows no bounds. He encourages me, and gives me confidence to be a better person.

I am so thankful for the day he walked into my life.

We quickly became best friends, and I knew then that I wanted to be his friend forever, I just wasn’t sure how we were going to make that happen! I’m so glad he felt the same way about me, and that we “figured” out a way to make that happen!

I am pretty sure I have the best husband in the whole world! Thirty-two years and counting, he is still my very best friend.

I love him with all my heart, don’t want to live my life without him, and I can’t wait to see him and his smile again.

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Happy, Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Her days have not always been easy, but her smile is always there!

I hope your special day is amazing and full of wonderful moments!  Thank you for your love and support.  I am so grateful for your unconditional love!

I love you!

Keeping a promise

It happened many years a go. A promise was made between two sisters.

A promise that we would always be there for each other, and for our children. It was important for us to remember their special day, and we were determined to make every attempt to send a birthday card to our children, and get to know them on a personal level.

We promised that we would support each other, and listen and learn from each other. Hold each other accountable. Our hope was that we were going to break the cycle, and make every effort to stay connected.

Build relationships that we did not have the privilege of experiencing with our own Aunts. Establish traditions, that would hopefully result in lasting memories.

We were holding true to this promise, when the life altering event of the death of my sister, took place ten years a go. This caused, among many other things, a lack of connection to her children. The distance and the grief created an invisible barrier.

However, I am still committed to the promise I made to her.

I have created some new memories, and I’m excited to carry on new traditions. More importantly, I’ve re-connected with two beautiful lives, and I’ve made another promise.


A promise to her kids, and to their kids. I will be here for you, and I’m looking forward to building memories together.

Moonstruck happiness

It was a good, good day.

People watching in Portland, OR. Browsing Powell’s bookstore. Lunch with two beautiful young ladies I’m proud to have call me, Aunt.

Laughing together, sharing memories of days gone by, with the ease and comfort of long lost friends.

Trusting that a new bond has been established and looking forward to new memories and moments together.

Completing the day with some amazing chocolate. The bag says “happiness is moonstruck chocolate”.

I say happiness is family love, the gift of time…and chocolate!


Bittersweet journey

I’m flying north, on my way to meet my great-niece for the very first time. She’s six months old, her mama, my sisters’ eldest.

I am going to meet the granddaughter that my sister has never met, nor will she ever meet her here on earth. She will never be able to hold her in her arms, look into her eyes, and hear the words that every Grandma loves to hear…”I love you, Grandma“.

I know it is only my “human-ness” that makes me think that she is missing this. She is in heaven, she really isn’t missing anything!

But I am missing her.

I am missing the joy, the love, and the excitement she would have for this little one. I’m missing the stories we would share, the burdens we would carry, and the blessing of being Grandmas together.

She loved her girls. I can still hear her voice when she called to tell me the news of their birth. I can only imagine the excitement she would have had with the news of a granddaughter.

Giddy with delight, proud beyond words.

So I take this journey knowing that it will bring moments of absolute delight, as well as moments of reflection. Reflection of an amazing lady, and the legacy she left behind.


Weekly photo challenge: Mine

Proud to call this flag “mine”.

This was taken when I went to the 2012 San Diego Police Academy graduation ceremony. A pretty impressive sight and ceremony! I am thankful for the men and women who are willing and able to endure this process.