The kale experiment

I was looking through a food magazine and came across the idea for kale chips!

Hmmm, that just might work!

Kale is an interesting vegetable to me. It’s very dark green, and leafy, and reminds me too much of spinach, something that I only like if it is not cooked!  So, cooking with kale scares me a little.  I’m always afraid it will taste like cooked spinach.

But kale is different to me, and I actually don’t mind the flavor of it, so I thought I would give this little suggestion a try.

Instead of making potato chips, I decided to experiment by making kale chips.

I tore the kale into bite size pieces, and took the stems off, sprinkled them with olive oil and sea salt, and baked them in the oven for about 30 minutes. And much to my surprise, it worked!

My first batch had a little too much oil and salt on it. I probably should have followed the recommended amounts for both, but I got a little carried away.  So what I ended up with was a very salty kale chip, it reminded me of salty sunflower seeds.

This will probably never make it in my top 10 favorite foods, but it was tasty enough that I am willing to give it another try.  I must admit, it is hard to eat just one!

Next time, I definitely won’t use as much oil or salt.