One down, more to come

I’m celebrating the one year anniversary of my blog today! It’s been a year since I started on this journey, and oh what a journey it has been!

I approach this new world rather cautiously, trying desperately not to compare myself to other, more experienced, and verbose bloggers (this is so hard for me)!

I am continually amazed and consider it a real honor when someone I may never meet, “likes” my post, comments on it, or even more amazingly…they make the decision to follow me on my journey!

It’s humbling, and inspiring, and gives me the courage to carry on. I’m so glad I made the decision to explore places I have never been before by going on this “blog journey”.

I can honestly say I am at a much better place in my life today, both mentally and emotionally. I am happy to be who I am, and where I am.


Oh, I know there is always room for improvement. Some days are a little more difficult than others, but my goal each day is to look for the good things in life.

And with that in mind, I’m looking forward to another good year of “meeting” new friends, going on adventures with my husband (my best friend), and celebrating this life!

One year down….and hopefully there will be many, many more!