Thankful Thursday: 3 gifts golden

Continuing to count the gifts….

1. My wedding ring

2. the glow of the fire burning in our wood stove

3. homemade applesauce

Don’t shut your eyes tight

We were sitting at the kitchen table playing with the play doh. She was making ” spaghetti and meatballs” and he was making “solid shapes”.

I grabbed a chunk of the play doh and started mashing and squeezing it through my hands. Transported back in time at the smell of the fresh new play doh.

Then I just listened.  I listened to the happy chatter of our 4 yr old granddaughter and 6 yr old grandson, as they talked about their lives!

And as I listen, I find out that the life of a 4-year-old in preschool includes taking a nap, and she is not real fond of this requirement.  It is in fact, a very traumatic event in this little girl’s life.

So apparently her big brother has come to her rescue, and has been giving her some advice on the matter.

“Did you do what I told you to do?” he asks?   “When it’s time to take a nap, you just lay down, but you don’t shut your eyes tight, just squeeze them almost all the way closed, and it will look like you’re asleep, but you can still see everything that is going on!”

Sounds like good solid “big brother” advice to me!  I ask him if that is what he did when he was in preschool.

“Yes! One time when my dad came to pick me up, he thought I was sleeping, but I could see everything”.

“Do you think your dad ever found out that you weren’t  really asleep?”   He assured me that his dad never found out.

Ahh…the “innocence” of youth!  Or is it?

What happened while you were gone

While you were on the other side of the world…

I baked cookies, bread, and muffins too.

I roasted a pumpkin to use for making bread or muffins or a pie. Roasted the seeds too.  Cut up apples and made some delicious applesauce.

Took out my crock pot and made the most amazing ham and bean soup.

I searched my cookbooks and on the internet too, looking for more recipes of good things to make.

I watched all 22 episodes of Revenge on Netflix.

I watched the football game with you via Skype!  I know I watched you, more than I watched the game.

I went shopping, and wandered around and around the store wondering why they were already playing Christmas music when it was only the first week of November!

I spent a wonderful day with our grandkids.  All day, just the 3 of us! We played with play doh, colored, had a tea party, laughed, and talked about life!  We went to the movies, ate pop corn and watched “Wreck-it Ralph“.

I heard your voice this morning tell me that you love me.  The last time I will hear your voice for about 20 hours, as you “wing” your way back to me.

But more than anything else, what I’ve done the most since you’ve been gone….is fall more in love with you!

Counting the hours until I see you again!

Weekly photo challenge: renewal

Renewal and room service with a view while staying in Monterey, CA.

a new appreciation

I have a new appreciation today for military families.  I have never been able to understand how they can just accept the days and months of separation with such apparent ease and resolve.  I have always admired this in them, and must admit I have been thankful that this is something that I have never had to do.

Well, today I have a new appreciation of just how hard it really is.  I know that what I am experiencing doesn’t really compare to the experience of a military family, but it’s the miles.

The thousands and thousands of miles of separation are probably what makes this whole thing the most difficult.

My husband, my best friend, left early this morning on a trip that will take him to Djibouti, North Africa.

It’s a business trip, and he will be back, soon (thankfully), but the miles of separation appear to make this trip just a little more daunting!

That and the fact that we are rarely away from each other.

We spend pretty much every day together, twenty-four seven!  We’ve been together for over thirty-two years, and we would rather be with each other than just about anyone else in this world.

He is the love of my life, and I can’t wait until the miles are no longer an obstacle, but rather an advantage.  I can’t wait to hold him in my arms and feel his scruffy cheek next to mine.  I can’t wait to walk hand-in-hand, and see his smile once again.

Until then, I’m counting the days, hours and minutes!

Thankful Thursday – 3 gifts salty, sweet and sipped

So this should be easy.

1.) salty – salty potato chips – I think I found a new favorite!

2.) sweet – a hug from my best friend.  There simply aren’t enough words to describe how thankful I am for him!  He is the love of my life!

3.) sipped – is of course, coffee.  I really enjoy a good cup of coffee, just about anytime of the day or night!