Looking for a few good books

I just finished reading a really good book.  The title of the book is “The Secret Keeper” by, Kate Morton.

It’s a novel filled with mystery, suspense, and love.

The characters in the book are very well-developed by the author. Even when I wasn’t reading the book, I would often find myself thinking about them. Wondering what would happen to them next, and trying to figure out why they were doing what they were doing!

There are several twists and turns throughout the book, and the ending actually surprised me!  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I was sad to have it end.

I always have mixed emotions when I get to the end of a book. I have a sense of accomplishment because I finished it, but then I have the daunting task of searching for another good book to read.

I think this just about sums it up for me….

Start a new book

However, I won’t let this stop me for too long.  And I will find another good book to read. My love for reading is just too great to keep me away from another adventure.

So now I’m off … in search of a few good books!


4 thoughts on “Looking for a few good books

  1. Life&Ink says:

    Just finished Pride and Prejudice, now on Einstein, His Life and Universe. A little fiction, I little biography… it’s all good when you are reading! 🙂

  2. Becky says:

    You’re right! I read mostly fiction, but once in awhile I read some non-fiction. If it’s a good book, I’m just happy to be reading! Never read Pride and Prejudice, but I might give it a try this year. There are certainly a lot of books to choose from, that’s for sure! Just wish I could stay awake, and not fall asleep while I’m reading! 🙂

  3. Imelda says:

    If you are into the Young Adult genre, I can recommend Ranger’s Apprentice ( a series of 11 books) by John Flanagan. I have finished the first four books and I can say that the writing is beautiful and imaginative, the story is full of likeable and sympathetic characters, and lovely values.

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