Another milestone

I’ve reached another milestone in my blogging journey!  Thank you so much for helping me reach this mark and making this possible!

500 likes have been attributed to my blog! I realize that compared to some other blogs I’ve read, this isn’t a huge number, but it’s surpassed anything I ever imagined, that’s for sure!


When I started on this journey a little over a year a go, I had no idea where it would take me, or if anyone would even read it.

I am amazed, honored, and so grateful to everyone who has stopped by my blog for a visit. Thank you for taking a few seconds of your time to stop, and give me a thumbs up, and “like” what you read or see.

It’s been fun to meet new people, and get a glimpse into their lives, and the world around them.  A little intimidating at times, but I’m enjoying the challenge.

I’m really excited to be on this journey, and I’m looking forward to the next 500 likes!

Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing,
you will be successful.

– Albert Schweitzer