They call them “mixers”

“Mixers”….And I’m not talking about the kind you use for baking.

This particular mixer is a social hour or two, with the added bonus of free food and drinks.  An opportunity to mingle, and network with owners, employees, etc, other like-minded people in your industry in an effort to “help” each other.  

Or is it?

I attended one of these functions recently.  It seems to me that these events are for people who just like to talk.  A lot!  Mostly about themselves! (And, for the people who want the free food and drinks!)

I’m not really one to willingly talk to people I don’t know, so these kind of events can be a little uncomfortable for me.  And, inevitably there is always someone who thinks that I look a little lonely, and wants to be my friend for the night.

Really not necessary….I was able to find something that made it a little more interesting!

The people watching!

Now that’s something to go to one of these functions for!  This particular venue just seems to take it to a higher level! A lot of people, from all different walks of life, crammed into a rather restrictive environment, all trying to impress, or be impressed by what they see or hear.

As an outsider, I have no one I want to impress, and I really wasn’t impressed by anyone there, but I did find the social aspect of the evening to be rather intriguing.

Everyone appears to be on their best behavior, apologizing for accidental bumps, smiling when deemed appropriate. Business cards are exchanged with the promise of a follow-up phone call.  Nods of agreement and laughter are thrown in at just the right moment, and a handshake or a hug are exchanged at the end of the conversation.

The “mixer”….the event I would rather not attend, but find myself enjoying when it’s all said and done!


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  1. Power Summit says:

    Thanks for coming along for the ride – I’m not a big fan either – Glad you came along – Makes it tolerable 🙂

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