Another milestone on this journey!

I was notified just the other day by the cool people at Word Press, that I have reached another milestone in this fascinating world of blogging!


Wow! I know I’m just a little fish in a very, big pond, but this is just pretty awesome to me!

I’m amazed.

I’m humbled.

I’m in awe of the world around me!

This adventure called “blogging“, has made my life a lot more interesting!  I’m “meeting” new people, and “traveling” to places I may never visit in person!

It’s really quite fascinating!

Thank you so much to everyone who has encouraged me by clicking on the little button of affirmation!

I really am just a quiet person in a loud world….and this milestone…well, it just makes me smile 🙂

Thanks again!



7 thoughts on “Another milestone on this journey!

  1. Alastair says:

    Woohoo. Well done 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    Makes me smile too! 🙂 Mom

  3. Life&Ink says:

    YAY! Here’s another like to add to your growing collection. Congrats!!! 🙂

    • Becky says:

      Ahhh, Charlotte …. thank you! You are one of the people who helped make it happen! 🙂 I have enjoyed our conversations….and your blog! You inspire me! Hope you have a wonderful evening!

      • Life&Ink says:

        Ahhh, Becky…. thank you!!!! And right back atcha girl! Helping and supporting each other, well that’s what blog friends are for!!!! 🙂

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