One week down…4 more to go

Well, it’s been just a little over a week since I fractured my wrist, and life is just a little more interesting now!


I’m making a few adjustments and learning some new things too!

For example….

1. It is possible to wash my hair with just one hand

2. It is almost impossible to style my hair with just one hand

3. I can type with one hand and 4 fingers from the other hand for a short period of time with minimal pain.

4. It’s pretty much impossible to shave under my right arm with my right hand 😦  (this could get interesting!)

5. I miss scrubbing my hands together when I wash my hands.  Who knew what a luxury that actually is!?

6. The bend at my elbow on my left arm can actually hold on to things, like a pseudo hand!

7. I really don’t need both hands to put my contacts in – I can do it all with one hand! Oh,yes I can! 🙂

8. Since I’m right-handed, I’m really thankful it wasn’t my right hand that got hurt. This list might sound completely different if that were the case!

9. And since I’m talking about being thankful – well, there’s a lot to be thankful for.  It could have been so much worse. Like my hip, or my head, or my leg.  So yeah, I’m very thankful it was just my wrist.

10. But most of all I’m learning, life goes on….and everything is gonna be ok.