Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

She was fascinated by her reflection in the window. It followed her everywhere she went!

Every bob of her head, every smile, every wiggle!

Just like a mirror – it reflected every move, and she loved watching that little girl in the background dance!



11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

  1. Lily Mugford says:

    How precious… I love watching little wons discovering thier world.

    • Becky says:

      It is so much fun! Especially this little girl 🙂 she is such a delight & holds a very special place in my heart!

  2. dogear6 says:

    So did she find whatever she was looking at???


    • Becky says:

      She was just looking at her self! Once she realized that she could see her self in the window, she had a blast following her image back and forth.
      She’s all girl – loves to look at her self in the mirror 🙂

      • dogear6 says:

        Yes, I know she was looking at herself, but did she realize that or was she trying to find that little girl to play with?

        • Becky says:

          Ohhh, I understand what you meant now…sorry ’bout that! I think she realized that it was her reflection. But I think she probably was having a hard time understanding how she kept “following” herself around though. She would duck down, and pop back up and then talk to herself a little. Maybe she DID think it was another little girl – I never really thought about that! 🙂 It’s a curious world for little kids – that’s for sure!

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