One is better than none

One of life’s valuable lessons seen through the eyes of a five-year old.

Sometimes, one thing is better than nothing at all.

I have the joy of taking care of my grand kids every Tuesday and Thursday this summer.  In an effort to keep them busy, and not totally bored, I’ve been taking them to the park for a few hours each time. My backyard is more of a garden than a playground, so it just makes for a happier grandma to take them to the park.

So the other day when we were getting ready to go, the request was made to go to the “Pirate Park”.  The “Pirate Park”? Where is that? Well, a quick text to Dad, and the mystery was solved! Thank goodness for text messaging.  It made this Grandma seem pretty smart!

So, off we went to discover a new and exciting park!

I got the drinks ready, but I forgot the snacks this time. Trust me, that won’t happen again! Last minute trips to the bathroom, shoes on, and we’re ready to go!

Everybody on the bus! (The nickname the kids have given to Grandpa’s car.)

Excitedly driving to our destination, with great anticipation of getting to play at the “Pirate Park”.  We drive up to the park, and the gate is closed.

It’s locked.  Closed for repairs.  Really? But this is the park we wanted to go to! Today!

A temporary moment of great disappointment is quickly adverted when my granddaughter says: “That’s o.k. Grandma, we can still go to another park, because one park is better than no park, even if it’s not the one that we wanted to go to“.

A valuable life lesson she is learning from her parents.

Even though we don’t get everything that we want, well..somethimes, one really is better than nothing at all.

Thankful Thursday: 3 Gifts Framed by a Frame

3 Gifts framed by a frame….

An interesting challenge – when I think of things that are framed, I think of pictures.

The love of my life is framed in this frame.  A wonderful husband, and a very good friend!  In fact, he is my best friend!  We are happiest when we are together.  I am so very thankful for him and for our marriage!

Image 1

Another thing framed in a frame is our house, and the windows in our house! The frame that holds the house together, and the windows that let in the light.   I’m so thankful for the frame that holds our little house together. It’s such a good place to call home.

Image 2

And of course, these three little lives are all framed by one frame, but each one is so unique and special in their own way.  They’ve captured my heart.  I love watching them learn and grow, and giving them Grandma kisses every chance I get!


These are just a few of the many things that I am so very thankful for today.

What are you thankful for?

Will you join me in looking for these gifts and sharing them with others?

“In ordinary life we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.” 
― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Have a wonderful “Thankful Thursday“!

It’s just what you do.


And here it is …. Another day, to try, try, try again!

And as I go quietly through my day, I’m going to be listening to that little voice.

Because sometimes, it’s not just what you do, it’s the ONLY thing to do!

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

The world through my eyes often takes on a new perspective….

through his eyes

when I look at it through the world of a child’s eyes.

Treasures and delight can be found in the most insignificant things…we just have to look for them!

For more intriguing takes on this challenge, click on this link!

Just in time for summer!

Finally, the big day is here!  And just in time for summer!

I finally got my cast off!

Now if I can just figure out how to make my hand “work” again!

What a strange feeling, but oh,what a relief!

It’s healed up nicely, and the soreness from the break is gone  Next check-up is in 4 weeks!

I KNOW I can do this!

Thankful Thursday : A gift bent, beautiful and broken

A gift bent, beautiful and broken…

This was a little hard for me to come up with pictures for these. Beautiful, now that’s an easy one, the other two were a little more of a challenge.

I’m thankful for the way these flowers just made me smile. The way that they were all bent over, and still so proudly on display at this restaurant.

bent flowers

A beautiful sight of the sun shining on the ocean.  I’m so thankful for my eyesight and the ability to see wonderful things like this!

ocean view

And the last one, while I’m not thankful that it’s broken, I am so very thankful that it can be fixed and that I will be wearing my wedding ring again, soon!

Tomorrow should be the day I finally get my cast off!

broken ring

These are just a few of the many things that I am so very thankful for today.

What are you thankful for?

Will you join me in looking for these gifts and sharing them with others?

Gratitude is medicine for a heart devastated by tragedy. If you can only be thankful for the blue sky, then do so.
― Richelle E. Goodrich

Have a wonderful “Thankful Thursday“!

A Word a Week Challenge: Vibrant

I’m not sure how this even happened, no adjustments were made to this picture before, during or after it was taken.

It is extremely vibrant though!
Vibrant Rose

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