A Word a Week Challenge: Vibrant

I’m not sure how this even happened, no adjustments were made to this picture before, during or after it was taken.

It is extremely vibrant though!
Vibrant Rose

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8 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge: Vibrant

  1. dogear6 says:

    Actually, you blew out the sensors with those colors. A tiny bit more and the picture wouldn’t have been salvageable. Salvaged? Not fixable. Not sure how to spell that.

    That was why I start shooting in raw – it’s less likely to happen, although raw pictures have to developed in an editor (I’m using Lightroom) and converted to jpg. Another thing that helps is so stand farther back, don’t zoom in too tight, and then crop it down later.


  2. SimplySage says:

    Looks like a knock-out rose. Beautiful!

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  4. Life&Ink says:

    Gorgeous. My roses are the same color and they look so pretty in the garden. Speaking of garden, I did plant strawberries, per your urging and guess what? I am going to pick my OWN strawberries to have in my breakfast today! How cool is that!!!! 🙂

    • Becky says:

      Well then, you have some very vibrant roses! Ahhh…I’ve been wondering about your strawberry plants and how they were coming along. 🙂 I had hope that you were more successful with yours then I was with mine. They just don’t seem to want to produce fruit, and I even visit them every day!
      But still, it is so very COOL for you and I was so happy to hear this very cool news! Good job, Ms Farmer!

      • Life&Ink says:

        My strawberries were delicious but they were tiny… little miniatures which actually worked just fine in my yogurt because I didn’t have to cut them up – they were already bite sized!!! Ms. Farmer thanks you for the inspiration! 🙂

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