Messed-up memories

So that was strange.  A few days a go, I saw someone who I used to work with at my previous place of employment.

As I saw her pass by, I knew I wanted to talk to her, and find out how she was doing.  It had been a long time since I had last seen her, and she didn’t really leave on the best of terms.

It was awkward, and I was hesitant at first, but my curiosity took over.  I decided to take the chance and go talk to her.  I really didn’t have anything to lose!

It was interesting.  I listened as she shared her story, and told me of the difficulties she had gone through since that day.

We both had bad experiences to share from our previous employer. Hers, probably worse than mine.  Her position was of a much higher pay grade, but still, the painful memories were stirred up once again.

For both of us.

We assured each other that we had moved on and were getting over it.

But were we?

The painful experience that I thought was in the past, still found a way to make my sleep a little restless that night.

Thankfully, it didn’t last for long.

In the morning, when I woke up and realized I wasn’t going back to work there ever again…well,my life just got a whole lot better…again!

The memories are still a little messed-up at times, but my life now, well, it’s not messed up at all.