“Our chicken is brown!”

My granddaughter is 5 years old. She loves to talk, and she loves to help me in the kitchen.

She often wants to try and do things that are a little above her age, so I try to find things that her little hands can handle.

She is usually eager to give it a try…at least one time.

It’s the kind of stuff that if she HAD to do it, she probably wouldn’t want to do it. You know, like washing dishes and sweeping the floor.  Once in a while it’s fun, especially at Grandma’s house!

my helper

So, yesterday as I was getting everything ready to fix my “chicken in a pot“, I decided to see if she would want to give me a hand.

I told her I had a big job for her, and asked if she wanted to help!

“Oh yes, I can do it Grandma!”

First step was to get the ingredients ready, so I had her get the carrots and celery out of the refrigerator for me.

I asked her if she had ever peeled a carrot before.  No, but she sure did want to give it a try.

With multiple warnings from me about how careful she would need to be, she took on the task of peeling the carrot. She was very careful, talking me through it the whole entire time. She talked about how much she liked carrots, but doesn’t like celery. How that we are the same because we both like carrots, but different because I like celery and she doesn’t.

Listening carefully to my instruction, she completed the task and really did a great job!  Hmmm, I wonder, would she be willing to do it another time?

Non-stop talk, she was sharing her knowledge of the kitchen with me. One of which was the danger of the garbage disposal!  I was cautioned to be careful and not get my hands too close to it, because there are “sharp knives down there!”

Then I let her wash off the celery and the carrots, and as I chopped it all up, she put them all in the crock pot.

When I got out the chicken and started washing it off, with great dismay in her voice my granddaughter said… “what is that?”

“It’s a chicken!”

Oh.  My daddy makes really good chicken,… but our chicken doesn’t look like that, our chicken is brown!

Ahh….. yes, the rotisserie chicken from the store! Already cooked and ready to eat!

Not quite like Grandma’s chicken, but yes, it still tastes good!

I learned so much from this little girl during our time together! About our likes and dislikes, dangers in the kitchen, and most importantly the difference in our chicken!

I really look forward to making more kitchen memories her.

She certainly makes me smile 🙂