Letting go of the past…

Or just getting rid of the “junk”. Either way, it’s not a pleasant task, but it certainly feels so much better when it’s done!

Some times it’s necessary to get to the next phase in life, some times it’s just plain necessary.

In this case…it was a little of both.

We sorted, we tossed, we stopped and wondered “what in the world do we do with this?”

The task is not done.

But it’s a step. A big step in the right direction, and a much lighter step now that the load isn’t as heavy!

truck full of stuff

There’s plenty more where this came from, but at the end of the day, when the trash was taken to the dump, and the slightly used items were taken to the Good Will bin, it just felt good.

Good to tackle an unpleasant project, good to clean up and get organized, and good to just let it go.