Thankful Thursday: Above all…give thanks!

Recently I spent a few hours in a hospital recovery room with my mom while she was recovering from surgery on her ear.  As I was sitting in the recovery room, I couldn’t help but hear all of the beeps from the machines scattered all throughout the room.

Constant. Annoying. BEEPS!

Not beeping in unison. Not really a pleasant sound. Quite loud, and at least for me, it was a bit irritating.

Okay, it was a lot irritating!

I watched, somewhat amazed as the nurses all went about their duties as if they were in a serene, peaceful environment.  After observing this for a few moments, I couldn’t help but mention this to the nurse assisting my mom.  How in the world do you ever get use to the beeping noises?

Her response caught me a little off guard…oh we like to hear those sounds, that means the patient is alive! When we don’t hear anything, when it becomes silent, then we become concerned.  So, really  to us, it’s a very pleasant sound.  We actually like to hear those beeps!

Hmmm….I guess it makes sense.

The beeps can actually mean something good.  All those things that I sometimes find to be rather annoying…well maybe I just need to change my point of view.

Like the nurse in the recovery room.

Maybe the beeps are actually signs of life.  Maybe they are really the things that I should or could be thankful for?

I’m working on it…thus the reason for “Thankful Thursday“!

Just like the nurse, there are times that I need to be able to say that I actually like to hear the noise, and the beeps….because it means that there is life, and love, and family.

And for that I am truly blessed, and above all….oh so very thankful.


Wordless Wednesday: Blue Sky

Palm trees

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Strawberries in my garden.

Not really that unusual, right? In fact, one would expect to find strawberries in their garden if they did in fact plant them there.

But to find them growing in my garden in the month of November! Now that, was certainly an unexpected treat!

Perfect and declicious…just enough to put on my cereal for breakfast!

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Thankful Thursday: This little guy

Today is his special day…he’s celebrating his 8th birthday!

Our grandson!

I am so thankful for him and the joy he has brought to our lives. Can’t imagine a world without him in it!

In honor of his birthday, a list of eight reasons why I am so thankful for this amazing little guy!

1. I am so thankful for his great big smile! Always ready for the camera!

Grandpa & A

2.  The way he loves to look for treasures…always looking for treasures. When you’re 8 years old, the world is a virtual gold mine!
discovery time

3. I’m thankful for the changes in his life, like the milestone of loosing his first tooth!

A looses his 1st tooth

4. I love his thrill of adventure, and how proud he is of himself when he accomplishes something he didn’t think he could do!

in the tree

5. I’m thankful for the opportunities I have to share special moments with him, and that he likes to be with me! (at least for now)

special day

6.  I’m thankful for his ability to learn new things and sometimes he’s even willing to teach me how to play those crazy games!

game time

7. I love the creative side of him, and I’m thankful for the fun times we can have together just being silly!

"super" powers!

8. But most of all…I’m just thankful for him!  Every little detail that makes him who he is.  He is so very special to me. He’s captured my heart, and I love him so very much!

Happy Birthday little man…hope it’s a very special day for you!

I love you!

at the lake

Boys Are Found Everywhere

on top of, underneath, inside of, climbing on, swinging from,

running around or jumping to…A boy is Truth with dirt on its face,

Beauty with a cut on its finger, Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair,

and the Hope of the future with a frog in its pocket.

~Alan Marshall Beck

Wordless Wednesday: Reflection


Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

We took a walk in a lovely neighborhood on Coronado Island, and came across this very unique front yard!

I was intrigued by all the different layers of texture in this amazing front yard!

That, and the patience it would take to actually do something like this!

But wait…there’s more! Take a look by clicking on this link!

Thankful Thursday: oh happiness


Wordless Wednesday: Nature du jour


Check another state off my list!

Well, it looks like I get to check another state off my list of “states I have been too“!  I’m pretty excited about this!  It’s been awhile since we have been to another state, and it’s even more exciting to be able to check another state off my list!

We’re going to Florida!  Miami to be exact.


Part business, part pleasure, but always fun when I get to be with my best friend!

The flight and car reservations have been made, now for the fun part, finding a nice hotel.

So, I thought to myself, hmmmm…I wonder, would any of my blogging friends be willing to recommend a nice hotel to stay in while in the Miami area?

I’ll be doing my research online, but I’m open to some wonderful suggestions!

Oh, and if you have any tips on things to see or do while I’m there, I would be interested in hearing about that too!  We are only going to be there for a few days, but I’m curious to hear what the “must-do” thing would be while visiting Florida!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

A daily habit of mine…after every shower, after every bath….

The scent will change from time to time, but the habit remains the same.

Lotion! All over my arms and legs.

Every where!

Every day!

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