Grandma fail…

Oh, it was just one of those days. The kind that takes a different twist and turn just about every other minute of the day.

And then, the grand twist of them all…I volunteered to pick my grandkids up from school, and got the pick up time wrong!


How did I manage to do that? I’ve picked them up several times before.  This wasn’t the first (and hopefully it won’t be the last), so I know what time they get out.

But, nope..not yesterday.

Yesterday, I got a call from their mom wondering if I was planning on getting the kids, and if I was, well, they got out of school 10 minutes a go.

Yep. I felt terrible.

I rushed to pick them up, as quick as I could go, and there they were.  Waiting ever so patiently (well, not really patiently, but still waiting) for me in the school office.

I was greeted with hugs and smiles.  (Hugs always helps when you’ve made a blundering mistake, so that was nice!)

I asked them if they thought I forgot about them.

No grandma, we know you would never forget us…but you did forget to pick us up!

Yep…classic “Grandma fail”.

Trust me, that will never happen again!


6 thoughts on “Grandma fail…

  1. Monique says:

    I know I shouldn’t be laughing .. but I totally am.

  2. It’s okay, you actually saved the day! Moms do it, too. LOL

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