Wordless Wednesday: Come one! Come all!

Circus! Circus!

Wordless Wednesday: Full House

Sir Paul McCartney still knows how to rock the house!

Paul McCartney Concert

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Looking out through this cave casts a unique silhouette…is it a face, a map, or maybe the outline of a state?

I’ll let you decide.

Whatever you decide I know this to be true, the view is always the same….amazing!

La Jolla Cave

Interested in looking at some more silhouettes? There are some fantastic photographers out there, go ahead, take a look by clicking here!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

I’m continually amazed by the “texture” of clouds.  Here are just a couple of amazing formations that I was able to enjoy recently.

I love a clear blue sky…but clouds always bring some character with them.

If you are interested in more intriguing views and photos, check out this link!

You’ll find some pretty amazing photos there too!

Wordless Wednesday: I did it…all by myself!

ready for the dump

Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

The challenge for this week is to come up with a photo that is zigging and zagging.  Two very interesting words, two very interesting motions to portray in a photo.

However, I think I captured it!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this beautiful butterfly in my backyard the other day, as it went zigzagging through the bushes.

Such a beautiful little creature…I’m so glad it came to visit!

butterfly in my garden

Take a look at some more photos of things that go zig and zag, or better yet, join in the challenge!