Thankful Thursday: 3 gifts blue

3 gifts blue…

1. Brilliant blue sky over San Diego.  This is one of my favorite places to be!

view from Coronado

2. An old blue teacup on a shelf.

blue cup

3. Cool blue tile in the kitchen

blue tile


Weekly Writing Challenge: A Splash of Color

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It’s just a splash. Doesn’t take up much real estate, but it’s a color we can’t wait to see.  The color of our eyes.  Brown, blue, green, gray, and every shade and variation of those colors. A color that is an inherited trait, determined by up to as many as 16 different genes! It’s something […]

3 things blue

his beautiful blue eyes….looking at me.

the brilliant blue sky….seen almost every day.

my favorite color….and my grandson’s favorite color too.