Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

This bracelet is a represents “The Hue of Me” on a few different levels.
One…because I love bracelets, and I rarely go a day without wearing one. (This one in particular reminds me of my daughter because it was a gift from her!)

Two, because I love all the colors, and I usually have a hard time deciding on one…but quite often I lean toward the blues and the purples.

A sparkly collection of “The Hue of Me…or You“!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

The sign says…. I might need a little “therapy”!

sign therapy

The sign says….”Welcome to our home!” … Or does it really?

sign in yard

The sign says …. it all!

motel sign

Why? Well if you really need to see a room before you stay in it, you might want to reconsider!  But then again, you’ll get a free breakfast!

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Weekly photo challenge: Up

Up above the world so high….


Mesmerized by the ability to soar over it all!

Like a bird…only better!


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Weekly photo challenge: geometry

I never did like geometry, but the opportunity to see geometry in motion is something that I do enjoy!

I watched the “Stars and Stripes” yacht, the former America’s cup boat, go sailing by while I enjoyed a cup of coffee at my favorite hang out on Coronado with my best friend.

It was a beautiful day!