Oh the joy of technology

Ah the joy…and the pain of technology.

When it “works”, it’s amazing! It does things beyond our wildest imagination! I mean really, just look at all the things your phone can do for you…and you can even use it as a phone!

Simply amazing!  Or is it really that simple?  I think not!

When it fails us, or probably more like, when I fail it, there’s nothing quite as frustrating.  But I mean really, should it be this complicated?

I’ve tried everything that this feeble brain of mine can think of to resolve this issue, and I just can’t figure it out!  It’s so frustrating right now, I could just, well you know….SCREAM!

But I’m happy to say that all is well now.  After a visit to my friendly Apple store, a crisis has been adverted, and I’m back in the land of sanity.  And it’s so nice to be back!  That going crazy stuff really isn’t that much fun!

And yes, it was “user error“.  Almost always is, isn’t it?

Now, if I could just get one of those shiny new Mac Book‘s that I saw at the store!  Ahhh….that would be nice!

Someday, my dream will come true 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

In this moment Grandpa can hold his little hand and help him up the step.  But it won’t be long before this is just a fleeting memory.

Hold on tight, because life is precious, life is sweet!

holding hands

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Weekly Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

The challenge was to take a picture with my phone camera of my neighborhood.

This is one of my favorite neighborhoods to hang out in!

Taken from Coronado Landing looking out at the city where I live…San Diego!

Beautiful San Diego from Coronado
This was taken with my iPhone4. It’s all I ever use to take pictures with. Some day, maybe I’ll get a real camera but for now, this works o.k. for me! 🙂

one smart mom

I read an article about the mom who “gave” her son an iPhone for Christmas, along with a contract.

My first thought was, wow! she was pretty smart! My second thought was, wow! we all could probably benefit from some of these rules….including myself!

Basically, it’s just a list of good common courtesy and personal responsibility.  A few things that seem to be lacking in this crazy world of ours!

I really like my iPhone a lot, and personally, I don’t have a problem with most items on this list, however, I do like to take it with me every where I go 🙂


one smart mom