Thankful Thursday: 3 Gifts almost gone

3 Gifts almost gone:

1. I’m thankful for the opportunity and the ability to make these hats for Knitting Rays of Hope! This awesome group of ladies, collects loom hats from a variety of sources (they even find the time to make some themselves!) Knitting Rays of Hope puts them all together, each hat is tagged with a word of encouragement and then donated to NICU babies and cancer patients.  I am so inpsired by these ladies, and so thankful that I get to be a part of this amazing project.

I finally boxed my contribution of hats up and sent them on their way, so they are more than almost gone….they’re gone!

hats for charity


2. I’m thankful for these sweet little oranges that grow on our tree. Yes…they are almost gone, they’re just too good to leave hanging on the tree.

orange tree


3. These delicious muffins are almost gone…I’m thankful that I made them! They were delicious 🙂

homemade muffins


That’s it for today!  Well, there’s always more to be thankful for, and I am thankful for so much more than just these three things, but this is just a little start to maybe get you thinking about all the things that you are thankful for today!

Take a few moments, look around you, and reflect on the good things in your life.

Life is not just about the good things or not just about the bad things. It is both. It all depends where you focus your attention.”  ~ Ann Marie Aguilar


ABC’s of Genuine Happiness – “C” Create Something Exciting

My blogging friend Monique has challenged us to the ABC’s of Genuine Happiness.

I’ve missed out on “A” and “B”, but I think I can contribute to the letter “C”….Create Something Exciting.

Well, I don’t really consider myself to be much of a creative person.  I have dreams of being creative, but I’m not usually the one to come up with the creative ideas.  However, I can follow a pattern or a recipe pretty well, and because of that, I have been able to create some pretty exciting things.

My latest “creation” was an attempt at knitting hats on a round loom.  I was introduced to this idea from another blogging friend at “Knitting Rays of Hope“.  They are a great group of people who make and collect hats to distribute to babies in NICU, and children and adults with cancer.

So, in my attempt to “create something exciting”…these are just a few of the hats that I have made.


loved the idea of being a part of something much bigger than myself, and maybe, just maybe helping out a little bit too.

And yes…it makes me happy.

Happy to create, and happy to help…appears to be a pretty good combination.

Thanks Monique for the challenge. I’m looking forward to the letter “D”!

And they’re off!


Last year, around the time that I broke my arm, I came across this really cool blog called “Knitting Rays of Hope“.  I was so impressed by their commitment to reach out to others, and help children and babies who are battling the ravages of cancer, in a very practical way.

A soft hat.

I couldn’t wait until my arm healed, so that I could make some hats, and share in their efforts to help others.  I had never made these hats before, but they assured me that it was easy, and they even have some very helpful and handy tutorials on their blog site.

So….after several months of being in a cast, and recovery, my arm was feeling better, and I decided to give it a try!

It’s true! It’s easy, and fun!

I’m excited to announce that these “babies” are on their way today.  17 hats in different shapes and colors!

17 hats

It feels so good to help others. 🙂  Go ahead, check it out for yourself, and make a hat or two or three, and then pass them on to someone in need!