Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Sometimes an object just requires a second look.

I have no idea who or what this is supposed to be, but I actually found myself walking back to this object just to take the picture.

Weird statue

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Fresh strawberries from my garden for my cereal!

Fresh strawberries

Weekly photo challenge: future tense

Nothing says “future tense” like season opener tickets to my favorite baseball team!

Go Padres!



Weekly photo challenge: Kiss

He’s still learning…but I don’t mind.
I’ll take a kiss from this lil guy anytime!


Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

This gallery contains 12 photos.

My 2012 in pictures.  A year full of new places and adventures!  I am so blessed by the love and care of a wonderful husband, and an amazing family.   I am looking forward to 2013, with hope in my heart, and a sincere desire to find the bright spot in each new day.