Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity – Take 2!

I thought I would give this one a second try. I usually only do one entry a week for the photo challenge, but I was a little disappointed by my attempt at it yesterday, so I decided to try one more time.

I think I was a little more successful at portraying the true meaning of the word “humanity” this time around.


Once again, thanks to thirdeyemom for the great challenge this week. It certainly put my brain cells to work!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Each little crayon is an individual container of color, just waiting to be turned into a beautiful masterpiece!

a collection of crayons

“The challenge this week… share your own vision of a container you find interesting. You can take the challenge as literally as you want — a box of chocolates, a broken bottle, your town’s water tank, an empty shell on the beach. Or go in a more figurative direction — from the skin that wraps our body to the comfort of a hug, we all constantly hold and are held by other things and other people.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

In contrast to so many other players of the game today, Tony Gwynn played his entire twenty year career for one team…the San Diego Padres.

However, there were no contrasts to this man’s game…he was simply one of the very best baseball players in my lifetime.

He was, and always will be “Mr. Padre”.

Tony Gwynn Statue

Tony Gwynn – (May 9, 1960 – June 16, 2014)

His endeavors on the field with a .338 career batting average, 5 gold gloves & 8 batting titles, were only surpassed by his greatness as a genuine good person.

Another good guy gone too soon.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

My refrigerator has turned into a special work of art.

A unique collection of photos of loved ones, and drawings from grandkids.  A work of art that holds value far beyond any amount of money I could ever own.

Priceless…Precious…People in my life.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

This is all the street life I ever need to see…it melts my heart every time!

These two….

Grandpa & R

Walking hand-in-hand with Grandpa


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Without a doubt…this guy has brought an abundant amount of joy to my life!

He’s my very best friend and I love him with all my heart!

my best friend

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

We took a walk in a lovely neighborhood on Coronado Island, and came across this very unique front yard!

I was intrigued by all the different layers of texture in this amazing front yard!

That, and the patience it would take to actually do something like this!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

This is about as “eerie” as I can get!

And really…it’s just more amazing then it is “eerie”!

Spiders. They fascinate me,… as long as they keep their distance from me!

spider and web

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

It seems like an infinite bounty of pumpkins…could it be true?


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Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

My grandson got the train track out of the closet the other day, and set up this lay-out in the living room.

Interestingly enough, he always wants me to take a picture of his creations…but he never wants to see how the picture turns out.

Of course, I’m happy to oblige and take the picture.

Capturing another memory, one shot, two ways!

train track - portrait
train track - landscape

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