Weekly photo challenge: Escape

My backyard is where I like to go to escape.  It’s here that I find that I can reflect and contemplate on events in my life.

It’s the perfect blend of rest and restoration.



My own little world


I’m just going to sit back and enjoy my “own little world” for a few days….

I might not be back the rest of this week, but I’ll try and be back on Monday of next week.

Have a wonderful week….and enjoy your “own little world”, wherever it may be! 🙂

When I am weary

…or when I am grumpy.

I know I have this option available to me, but I wonder why I don’t take advantage of it more than I do.


I often complain of being tired, so why do I continue to act like a four-year old, and insist that I can do it “all by myself”!  Why can’t I just let the bigger, stronger One take care of me as promised?

It’s one of the hard lessons of life.  I know I can’t do everything all by myself.

And I also know this.  When I ask for help, I also get rest.  Rest for the weary.