Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Companionablepossessing the qualities of a good companion, one who is pleasant to be with.

And who is that companionable person in my life?

Well, the only person that comes to my mind when I think of who this could be…is this guy!

He is my husband.  The love of my life!

my boyfriend

He is my true and faithful companion.  He is my very best friend.

I have been so blessed to have spent 33 + years with him.  I can’t imagine my life without him, so I try not to.

Time spent with him, is pleasant indeed!

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Weekly photo challenge: love

We had to check it out.  This amazing place called Two Lovers Point in Guam.

And he is the love of my life.
love of my life
Thankfully, we didn’t feel the need to jump from the cliff, as described of the two lovers in the legend of Two Lovers Point. 🙂

Lessons in love

I am madly in love. I love being in love, and I love to love.  Especially this guy!

Paul and Becky

Love is a feeling, and an attitude, and a choice.  I have made the choice to love.  I make this decision every day.

It is so simple, and yet it can be so complex.

The complex part of love is that it naturally goes against what true love is all about.  Human nature says to be selfish, but true love is anything but selfish.

Love gives, when all it wants to do is get.  Love accepts, when all it wants to do is change.  Love listens, when all it wants to do is talk.

Love hangs in there, and never, ever gives up.

True love never fails.