Thankful Thursday: 3 gifts blue

3 gifts blue…

1. Brilliant blue sky over San Diego.  This is one of my favorite places to be!

view from Coronado

2. An old blue teacup on a shelf.

blue cup

3. Cool blue tile in the kitchen

blue tile


once in a lifetime

It probably was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  The opportunity to go to the island of Guam.

Rarely, if ever, do you see Guam listed in one of the top ten destination places for a vacation, however, it might just be life as it was meant to be.

Palm trees swaying in the breeze, white sand beaches and crystal clear water.

beach in Guam

It was an opportunity that I really enjoyed! I explored and took in the solitude and beauty of nature.  I relaxed, observed, and walked a lot. Oh, and apparently Guam is a great place to get married!   I witnessed a wedding on the beach almost every day that I was there!

But for now…it’s only in my mind!  In my mind, and in my memory.

"the beach" - Guam

If you are looking for a quiet place to relax, I would recommend going to Guam.  It’s beautiful, and there isn’t a lot to do but just sit back, and relax by the beach.

If you do happen to have the opportunity to go to Guam, check out “The Beach” while you are there!   I hear it gets a little rowdy at night, but during the day, this is island time at it’s best!  The perfect place for a nice cool drink with an amazing view!

Weekly photo challenge: Big

I’m standing on the ground, looking up through some of the tallest trees I have ever seen in my life!

These trees are BIG! This view was breathtaking!

3 things blue

his beautiful blue eyes….looking at me.

the brilliant blue sky….seen almost every day.

my favorite color….and my grandson’s favorite color too.