A time for tea

“If you are cold, tea will warm you,
If you are too heated, it will cool you,
If you are depressed, it will cheer you,
If you are exhausted, it will calm you”
– William Gladstone

It’s the perfect place to relax, and enjoy the fine experience of “afternoon tea“.

Today, this was my gift to my mom for Mother’s Day …. Tea for two.

The Aubrey Rose tea room in La Mesa, CA, offers a delightful experience to savor, both visually and for the palate.

Aubrey Rose tea room

We enjoyed some delicious tea, a most unusual flavor of chocolate and hazelnut for one of our choices, and the other a delightful blend of peaches and cream.

Chocolate/hazelnut tea
A light little cookie begins this amazing experience of afternoon tea! Oh to be spoiled like this everyday!


Some tasty tea sandwiches, and sweet treats were the perfect complement for the tea.

tea sandwiches


Of course tea just wouldn’t be complete without scones!

Fresh baked lemon, blueberry scones were the perfect touch to this delightful experience. Complete with lemon curd, and Devonshire cream.
Oh, so delicious !


Happy Mother’s Day to my mom – a most wonderful lady, with an abundant amount of unconditional love.

Thank you for always loving me! I love you!



Hang in there!

So….I haven’t been feeling too well this last week or so.  Came down with this nasty cold that kind of just makes you feel like…well…….a smashed potato!

You know, the cold with the sore throat, snotty nose, and aching body.  I could have been the perfect specimen for the nighttime NyQuil commercial!

And through it all, my husband has been AMAZING!

So, this is a huge SHOUT-OUT to him for being so awesome and taking good care of me, and giving me all the things I need to make me feel like a “real” person again!

He’s put up with my heavy breathing…OK, he’s put up with my snoring! He’s cleaned the house, including vacuuming the floors! He’s cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for me too!

And…he has made me endless cups of tea (with lemon and honey added too!)

He hasn’t complained a single bit! Has offered words of encouragement at every turn.

Even when selecting the mug he used to put my tea in, he made sure it would brighten my day!

hang in there 3

He is one awesome guy, and I am so thankful that he is in my life!

I know he is going to read this, so I just want to tell him……..(the rest of you don’t have to read the last line if you don’t want too!) 🙂

There just aren’t enough words to really express how I feel, but I LOVE YOU OH SO VERY MUCH! Thank you for taking such good care of me!  You’re the best!

Finally….the annoying cough is gone!

At least I think it is anyway.

Three boxes of Mucinex later. Eating cough drops like they actually taste good, and drinking endless amounts of hot tea.  I think I may have finally reached the end of this cough!

It still likes to make its annoying presence known every now and then, but it’s nothing like it was a few weeks a go!  I can actually go to sleep at night without having a 10 minute coughing spree first!

Who would have ever thought that the lady at the drugstore would be right?!

When we bought our first box of Mucinex, she told us, (more like “warned us”)… that this “thing” would stick around for a long time.

And boy, did it!  It’s been 2 full months. If  I remember right, she said it would last for 8 weeks or so.

I guess Drugstore lady really knows her stuff!  And…I guess I should be grateful for her warning.

Thankfully, the cough drops and Mucinex have been removed from my daily diet, however, I still enjoy a good cup of hot tea occasionally!

Can’t. Stop. Coughing.

Oh boy, this cough is wearing me out! And I’ve only had it for a few weeks!  My husband has had it for almost 4 weeks now!

We went to the store and got some medicine for it.  The gal at the counter told us she’s been living on the stuff.

And then she offered this little bit of encouragement.  The cough can last up to 8 weeks!

Well, that made my day!

It’s very strange really.  It’s not like I’m sick, no fever, or achy bones. Just an annoying cough, that likes to be even more annoying just about the time I want to go to sleep.

Strange, the way our body works!

Time for another cup of hot tea with honey!  That seems to calm the coughing for a bit.

tea and med

And that, my friends is what I’m striving for!

Quiet and calm.  The tea is good for both! (and the medicine helps too)

It’s a good thing it works too, because it looks like I’m going to be in this mode for a little bit longer.

But hey! I’m half-way through this now.  Brighter days ahead!

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The pesky cough

It’s a beautiful day, and I have the energy level of mashed potatoes. This pesky little cough that has made it’s way into just about everyone’s life, has seemed to have taken over mine today.

I’m tired of the coughing, and I’m just plain tired.

I don’t really feel bad, just tired. But not the sleepy kind of tired. The kind of tired that feels like I have just ran a marathon, when all I’ve done is brush my teeth!

My garden is calling me. But the best I can do today is just observe.

I know it could be worse. I’m thankful it’s not.
I have a warm house, warm clothes, and a nice hot cup of tea.

And I know that this won’t last forever.


Time for tea

Grandma, do you want to come to my tea party?  It’s a question that I simply can’t resist.  She gets it all set up, while I watch and enjoy.


First step, the tablecloth, and then the lace doilies. Next, she sets out the teacup, saucers, sugar dish, creamer, and teapot.

And then the friends. Don’t forget to invite your favorite bear, kitty, and frog!  A place is set perfectly for everyone.  Throw in some toy box “decorations” and there you have it.

The perfect afternoon tea.

On her menu for today…lemon tea, with lemon tea pie!

Oh! It’s delicious!  She smiles, nods her head yes, and politely asks if I would like some more.

Yes, please!

Because in reality, I am having a cup of sunshine with a little slice of heaven!

tea party friends