Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

One of the last notes I ever received from my Dad…something that I will always treasure.

note from my dad

He died very unexpectedly, just a few months later.  He was 40…I was 13.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

The world through my eyes often takes on a new perspective….

through his eyes

when I look at it through the world of a child’s eyes.

Treasures and delight can be found in the most insignificant things…we just have to look for them!

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An adventure awaits

Of this, I am quite sure!  I will have an adventure this week-end.

My grandkids are spending the week-end!  I have been looking forward with anticipation to this date for quite some time!

What I didn’t anticipate, was the pesky cough the week before they came. It’s still hanging around, but thankfully, my energy level is up from earlier this week.  It’s a good thing too, because these two little kids are going to use all the energy that I have tried to store up the last couple of days!

One boy, one girl, as different as night and day.  And I love them both so very much!

Recently someone told me that “grandchildren are one of life’s best kept secrets”.  I must agree with her. I am finding this “job” of being a Grandma to be one of the best careers ever!

Their smiles, their hugs, the sound of their voice, and their wonderful imaginations!  Oh the joy of seeing the world through their eyes!  I’m looking forward to hearing some good stories, and making new memories.Andrew & Ashlee

I know I will be one tired Grandma by the end of Sunday night, but it’s a “good tired”!  And a moment I will forever treasure.